Batteries Yes - Batteries Yes

15 toys with this attribute

Toy Category Item Location
1339: Thomas Ride On IF: INDOOR FLOOR On loan
1364: Leapfrog Alphabet Pal BT: BABY/TODDLER On loan
531: Peppa Pig Spaceship RP: ROLE PLAY In library
1663A: Little People Pony Stable PH: PLAY HOUSE In library
1396: Nursery Rhymes Sound Puzzle P: PUZZLES On loan
1014A: Little People Songs and Sounds Camper V: VEHICLES On loan
1397: Pets Sound Puzzle P: PUZZLES In library
1351: Turn and Learn Cube BT: BABY/TODDLER On loan
1347: John Deere Buck Ride on BT: BABY/TODDLER In library
708: Playmobil Rubbish Truck V: VEHICLES On loan
545A: Space Rocket RP: ROLE PLAY On loan
811: Hotwheels Car Track T: TRAIN/ROAD SET Retired
1268: Baby Play Set BT: BABY/TODDLER In library
996: Pocket microscope LA: LEARNING ACTIVITIES In library
1659: Tree House PH: PLAY HOUSE On loan