1750: Playmobil Firetruck Playset

1750: Playmobil Firetruck Playset
1750: Playmobil Firetruck Playset

Key data

Category: V - VEHICLES

Location: I (In library)

Age range: 3+

Number of pieces: 55

Number of unique pieces: 23


1 Truck with 4 tyres and steering wheel attached

4 Grey doors attached to trucks

2 Red doors attached to trucks

1 Roof piece with lights and sirens

12 Rubber hoses

1 Man with gloves, hair, hat, belt, Walkie-talkie

3 Black hoses

1 Small axe

1 Big axe

1 Broom

1 Blue shovel

1 Yellow jerry can with black noozzle

3 Traffic cones

1 Red winch with rope and grapple

2 Red and white hose reels

1 White light rig wth 4 lamps attached

3 Grey drawers s

1 Grey ladder

2 White boom arms

1 Grey grill

1 Red fire extinguisher

10 Tiny hose attachments: red, grey, black, jaws of life, pincers,s

1 Black and yellow arm piece

Sponsor: Wembley Toy Library

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Alerts and warnings

Common warning one: Warning : Choking Hazard. This Toy Contains Small Parts